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Formosa Design


About Formosa

Formosa is the creation of Perth-based designer Jennifer Falkner. It was born from the collision of a career in illustration and escapes into the Australian wilderness. Formosa’s range of textile designs brings the essence of these places back to the everyday.

The founding philosophy of Formosa is to use design as a medium to promote a more sustainable way of living. This philosophy resonates throughout the production process and subject matter.

Formosa’s products begin as illustrations, sketches, and photographs made during walks in the bush. They are brought to life in a boutique studio in Jatipadang, Indonesia,by a small collective of women .This studio was setup by Jennifer in up 2011 after her husband’s work in disaster risk reduction took them to Indonesia and she wanted to make a difference to the lives of women on the margins of Indonesian society by providing employment opportunities and training. Materials are sourced locally and manufactured in small production runs guaranteeing high quality products, minimal waste and positive social impacts.

About the Designer, Jennifer Falkner

Growing up by the sea in Perth, Western Australia, I had a wonderful childhood drawing, playing tee-ball, swimming and fighting with two brothers.

Fast forward ten years later and after completing a BA in Design with a major in Illustration I was recruited by leading design studio, Block Branding. There I spent the next three years plying my trade learning from amazing designers. I worked on brands such as the Perth International Arts Festival, Zekka, Rosendorffs, 3Sports, Filmtecknara, and Test Tube. I received awards from One Show, The Webbies, AGDA, PADC, and Campaign Brief. My illustrations have been printed in Martin Dauber’s Big Book of Fashion Illustrations, Madison, and the New York Semi-Permanent 2005 book.

In mid-2008 I was the first to blink in a long distance relationship and found myself living in Canberra. Inspired by the mountains of Eucalypt forests surrounding the city and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos snacking on my flower beds, I founded Formosa Design.

In 2011 my husband took up a position in Indonesia as a natural disaster risk reduction consultant. His work involves understanding why local communities are vulnerable to suffering impacts from natural hazards and improving approaches to reducing them. I now divide my time between Perth and Jakarta, and Formosa’s manufacturing is split between Bandung and my small studio in Jakarta. The environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach remains and it is satisfying to make a practical contribution to local social and environmental development.

Jenny makes regular contributions to Birdlife Australia and the Wilderness Society.